A “National Sin”

I read an article recently that sparked a research frenzy. The article stated that the Democratic National committee had added, “Repeal the Hyde Amendment” to the party platform. The “Hyde Amendment” is a law that keeps the government from using tax dollars to fund abortion. In essence, it keeps the blood of the unborn off of the hands of those who DO NOT support the murder of babies in the womb. As we should all know, where we spend our money, is the evidence of what we support. What’s my point? When we as a nation, allow our money to support the murder of babies in the womb we all become accountable, it becomes a “national sin”. If you are a member of the Democratic Party, I urge you to encourage your representative to oppose this stance. If you are a Christian I ask you to pray that this effort fails. Forced participation in immorality should not be tolerated by either party.