The Fall Factor

I often speak with men and women who find themselves broken, confused and without hope. Many times, they have exhausted every avenue in their relentless quest for the elusive “happiness” that they believe will end all of their worries and problems. Confused and embittered by the frustration of the temporary satisfaction and unfulfilling fixes they stagger on looking for hope in what they believe to be a hopeless world.

When we take a look around it doesn’t take long to figure out that “something is wrong”, even though we may observe amazing beauty in the earth it is overshadowed by the dark realities of nature and humanity. Nature’s beauty conceals a bitter, violent struggle for the survival of the fittest. While humanity’s claim to civility is just a thin veneer that covers a selfishness that fuels the most destructive of behaviors.[dropshadowbox align=”right” effect=”lifted-both” width=”200px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]When people omit “the fall factor” they miss a simple but vital truth, things are broken, people are broken.[/dropshadowbox]

Without a Biblical worldview people are left to assume that the world’s current condition is “normal” or “natural”. However, to make this assumption has proven a fatal mistake for many. Not realizing that we inhabit a broken version of creation can blind us to the hope of and need for restoration.

When people omit “the fall factor” they miss a simple but vital truth, things are broken, people are broken. We don’t expect a broken leg to support us or a broken automobile to carry us, yet we often look to a broken world and its broken people to fulfill us. When the unfulfilled expectations of misplaced hope begin to accumulate, the feelings discouragement, frustration and anger grow.


3 things to consider
If we are going to navigate this world successfully there are three things concerning the “fall” we need to know.

1. Things are broken. The current state of the world was not the original design of the creator. At the dawn of creation all things were created good. (Genesis 1) You may say “I don’t believe in creation or a creator”, that’s fine I am not here to convince, I am here to inform. What you do with the truth is your choice, many choose to suppress it and continue down familiar paths, that is one option.

2. People are broken. The original sin of humanity was to choose a different perspective of reality (Gen.3:1-7). One where he could “be as god”. One where he could define good and evil according to his own will and desires. He chose the lie (false perspective) over the truth. It is the same today, man in his current condition desires to make his own rules and create his own “truth”, even to his own demise.

3. Things and people can be “restored”. Yep, man messed up, and all creation suffered for it. Man, was left hopeless and helpless. Mankind was left holding “the Bag” of responsibility, guilty of rebellion and treason against The Creator. Then God stepped into His creation to restore what man had broken. He offered Himself as payment for the penalty due humanity. Thus, bringing hope and healing to all who would repent from their rebellion and place their hope and trust in Jesus. He also set in motion a plan to restore creation, one day He will restore all creation to its original condition. This is THE GOOD NEWS!