What Can We Do?

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I was listening to a radio interview recently that featured an elderly gentleman who had faced down the porn industry in Australia. I was inspired to hear how he and his wife refused to settle for the garbage they were being fed through the media in their city. As he chronicled the successes they had experienced, I was reminded of the story of David and Goliath. Many of the challenges we face in our culture and nation seem so huge. Daily, we read the headlines that document what appears to be one lost cause after another. Many say, we have no chance and should not even try. Some even attack those who would fight just as David’s brothers did to him.


I must admit, sometimes, I feel as if we have no chance of victory. Then, I am reminded of the narrative that was common in so many of the stories of the great men and women of faith. You know it, the one that finds a believer facing an enemy much greater and more powerful. The one where the impossible is made possible only by God. I believe, there are still many such stories waiting to be written. I believe, God is still looking for “little” people with “big” faith to step on to the battle field and face down the “giants in our land.” The needs keep growing larger and louder every day, just like Goliath, they call out and dare us to fight. They curse the God whom we serve and mock His holy standards. Who will answer the challenge of Goliath?


Many of us are scared and that is understandable. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the power to overcome it. Fear; however, may not be the greatest obstacle. Many are willing to trust God, many are willing to fight and even to suffer. I believe, one of the greatest challenges is to know how and where to start. I have listed 4 things, we need as believers, in order to be prepared to fight.


4 weapons for success


  1. Faith: there is no substitute for “old school” faith in God. Whatever the battle, if you can do it without God, pick a bigger battle. Remember, the greater the battle the greater the Glory for God.

Always be prepared to walk by faith, not by what you see.


  1. Truth: a powerful weapon. When you wield it, you walk in confidence and power. You need to know that what you know is right. When you walk in the truth you walk in reality not opinion. This brings great boldness and calm in the face of foolish opposition. You will face opposition “be not soon shaken.”


  1. Patience: the ability to see a matter through. Great or small every matter will require this fundamental resource. The testing of our faith through opposition will create an abundance of this rare and powerful quality.


  1. Prayer: often the deciding factor in warfare. Prayer is our request for God’s resources in any matter. If the fight is worth fighting, it will not be won without prayer. Call often upon His ability and His presence. Do not allow the deception of pride to rob you of the power found in humble prayer for help.


Where do I start?


  1. Find a giant. There are plenty of needs out there, there are many people lost. In all of the issues relative to our culture, you can find a giant. Pick a need and reach for people. Pray and choose something you are passionate about, this will help if things move slowly. If you are not passionate, don’t think others will be.


  1. Get educated on the war. Make the most of all of the information available, there is a lot on every topic. Be careful to rightly divide the information and pray for wisdom, this is important.


  1. Start with the obvious. Money talks. Most folks may not want your morals, but they do want your money! Leverage what you have. Use social media. Start a blog. Make a tee shirt. Stand on a street corner, the only wrong thing is no thing.



  1. Connect with others. If it matters to you, it will, most likely, matter to others. A small group or online thread may be an option. Newspapers and craigslist often offer free venues.


Got it? Now go find a giant and start slinging!


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